Yet tolerable

The forecast today in Kerrville is 106°.

(I know…are we seriously gonna talk about the weather?!)

This is not just about the weather. I’m finding that I’d rather live through a hot summer, as I’m told we are having here, than a cold winter in New York City or even Massachusetts.

So long as the Freon hasn’t run out in your 1980 Ford truck, as it has for my oldest son, the heat can be combatted with that miracle gas almost anywhere. (Of course, my perspicacious wife noticed the odd stench of leaking or bad Freon at the casita a couple days ago and called the property manager to come have it fixed.)

Aside from having no Freon in your truck when coming home from your fast food job at 11pm–which these days doesn’t apply to me–what’s the worry about a little heat?

Sure, burn ban. (I’ll try to abstain.) Sure, scorpions and snakes. (Exterminators and shovels.)

In Massachusetts one winter, I was traveling for work often and missed shoveling the driveway once or twice after back to back snowfalls. The ice built up so much that we had to hire someone with a mini bulldozer to loosen the layer of frozenness so I could shovel it. And two hours of shoveling out a car path after a 36-inch snowfall another time before going to work at 8am is not my my idea of fun.

I’m sitting on the back porch, watching the sky lighten until the sun rises at 6:49am. Ten minutes from now.

The mourning doves coo, and the mosquitoes are yet tolerable.


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