Popping pick-ups and paywalls

Saturday morning round-up of Things That Don’t Really Deserve A Separate Post But Which I Wanted To Mention.

Each has the import of a sentence of mostly initial capital letters.

First there is this photo of a red pick-up truck, which I converted to black and white, since a photographer once told me that the color red can really pop when seen in BxW.

Red pick-up in front of “Olympic” pool on Singing Wind Drive.

Doesn’t that “color” really pop? Very cool.

Speaking of color, the bush out front of our house–which I learned was a sage bush–not our house, that is, but the bush (thank you, dangling modifiers)–sprung into summer action after the rain the other day.

It bloomed a few days later:

Photo taken with Focos
Detail of sage bloom. Busy bee at work.

Y’all know that this blog tries to keep to BxW photos (or sepia, silvertone, etc.), but that bloom was vibrant. I forgot to take a comparative photo last night, when the fuchsia had turned lavender or muted purple. Suffice to say, that the bloom had gone off the bush; the bees had returned to their Queen.

Back to black and white.

For those who really wanted to see the broken down drunk grandfather of a shed, sitting in his yellowing boxers in the living room chair:


You have to admit–well, I’d like you to admit with me–that it kinda belongs there now. Let him sleep it off. He’s sitting off Friendship Lane on the south side, just west of Walmart.

And last, but certainly not least, there was the article that appeared today in the Kerrville Daily Times about Karen and her art, but it’s behind a paywall. (How I hate paywalls. They are evil. Make the content free and pay for it with ad revenue; people don’t subscribe to diddly squat anymore. If I put this blog behind a paywall, how many of you 8 readers would pay?! See?)

Go to my Facebook to read the article and see the photos.

Y’all come back.


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