Multiplied Pain

snake in toiletThe snake tale has been confirmed again by its source.

I didn’t want to believe it, but Karen laughed–again, as we drove off the grounds of Comanche Trace.

There must be something about those oak trees forming a gauntlet, or the ubiquitous deer, or the sprinklers, that tickles her about my near-deathly fear of the creature about which God said long ago, “Cursed are you more than all cattle” (Genesis 3:14), but God also said, “And you [the snake] shall bruise him [the man] on the heel” (later in verse 14). Believe me, God ain’t talking about no “bruise.” A bruise I can take. It’s those fangs I worry about. Specifically, those fangs near a part of me a bit north of my “heel.” Because let’s face it, parts of Genesis are metaphorical, and God really didn’t want to lay the truth too bare for Adam and Eve–I mean, they were still pretty new to the Real Life Department–like that this cursed snake is going to swim up the toilet pipes of their descendants when one of them–a kind, middle-age man who grew up in New York City–is dealing with personal issues in non-heel areas.

Apparently, there are places where the sun don’t shine but the snake do bite.

Yet, Karen laughs.

That’s ok. God “multiplied her pain in childbirth.”


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