Something Tricky This Way Comes

The day started with a trick played on me by a local Trickster.

Not just any trickster. The kind of Trickster that Lewis Hyde writes about. The kind that is the “playful and disruptive side of human imagination.” The kind that Hyde talks about when surveying mythology and tribal oral tradition, as well as modern artists and thinkers like Picasso, Duchamp, Ginsberg and even Frederick Douglass.

As you recall, Faithful and Dear Reader, yesterday I wrote about PAX’s bagels. Even my wife, a Texan and normally an Alamo-style defender of All Things Texan (even when those Texan Things mimic New York Prototypes), says that the bagels in the Hill Country need some tweaking. She suggests giving the bagel a slight smush with the heel of the hand, and then cutting the bagel across halfwise, making two “sandwiches” of bagel and cream cheese. Know what I mean? If you don’t, then please visit New York.

In any event, Trickster sent me a text this morning, and it contained the PAX logo which, ghostlike, had become animated and spoke to me…DIRECTLY!

My friends… My dear, dear friends, this haunted me. Yet firm I stand on the assessment: smash the bagels (thereby avoiding burning the crown) and cut them in half diametrically.

Tonight, though, another eerie sight. This was outside CVS on Lemos at about 8:25pm.

Why did I insert two near-identical photos?

Because the one on the left was more dramatic; the contrasts were so stark. The right one had that ‘vette in there, and I couldn’t resist. She said, “I love this light.” Richard Rohr in his meditation today quoted Claude Monet: “the real subject of every painting is light.”



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