Bozo’s Hair’s on Fire

Quick silent poll: “Should people be allowed to whistle in a relatively closed public place?” To wit: as I am trying to work at Pint & Plow, should the slightly musical wife of the octogenarian gentleman–reading to her from The Daily Times about what the most popular girl’s and boy’s names were in 2017 (Emma and Liam, “Would you believe that?” he says. “Must come from the movies. You can bet the girl’s name wasn’t going to be Hillary.”)–be allowed to whistle at a distance of eight feet from my stationary ears and laptop? And should she be allowed to whistle Elder Joseph’s “Simple Gifts” in fragments and off-key at that? From Simple Gifts to asking whether they should go now to get her prescription–“It’s at HEB, and they said it’s ready”–and back to whistling another fragment.

I know it’s a free country.

But where along the spectrum does this specific liberty of Whistling Off-Key Close To Others Who Are Seated And Working fall in relation to yelling “FIRE!” in a crowded movie house. Which, we would all agree, is a Bozo No-No.

Because, from my seat, I’m about as ready to run.


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