In the time it takes me to fly from DFW halfway around the world to Hong Kong, I could drive across Texas from Beaumont to El Paso (via Dallas of course), with just enough time to stop at L&J Cafe for a dinner of green chili chicken enchiladas.

The world is getting smaller and smaller.

But Texas sure is big.

And don’t you forget it.

Of course, my trip didn’t terminate in Hong Kong. I still had to fly to Manila on Cebu Pacific, a flight that was not altogether comfortable–unlike American’s flight to HK, which was cushy–due to the cranked AC and a neighboring gentleman doing Boss-Level manspreading. I almost took a photo of his intrusive left leg but you never know what will happen when you document a Rampant Manspreader.

That said, the flight attendants were delightful, and while this is certainly generalizing, Filipino culture has social graces built into most interactions.


In Tagalog, people use the word “po” in a suffix position to a verb or phrase to indicate respect to another. From what I understand, it can serve as “Sir” or “Madam.”

And of course, when you order a simple sausage croissant from a food kiosk in the Philippines Airline terminal 2 (domestic) en route to Tagbilaran City, then you are knighted.


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