The view

The view from Comanche Trace last night was also halcyon, to use once again a word I deployed regarding the River Trail.

By the way, the River Trail is still being robbed with an also-ran #4 placing by Trip Advisor, which continues to baffle me. TA did get it right by showcasing four parks or nature areas among the Top 10, because as much as I considered myself outdoorsy in New York (true!), I spend a whole lot more time outside here, especially around the river. Their Top 10 Things To Do In Kerrville also got it right with The Museum of Western Art which, as of this posting, is still holding steady at #3. But “The Ol’ Rusted Cross” — or, as those who wouldn’t mind being shunned by almost all the local churches might say, “The Big Ass Cross” — is still defending its #1 spot, like a boss on a hill in a video game, waiting to take on all comers. I wonder: would a different sacred site like a cow’s feeding trough, maybe one that just so happened to be infant-sized, placed in an out-of-the-way location, like the underpass of the Sidney Baker bridge where teens go to make out, still garner the #1 spot?

I digress to a pissy rant.

Last night was…halcyon.

And today was Palm Sunday. I started my day on the body of water next to the #4 attraction.

The view WSW from the lake at Comanche Trace, off Bandera Highway, about 10pm last night.

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