Move it to downtown

“Can you also please cut my eyebrows? I asked.

“Yes. Sure,” Alexis the barber said.

“They get kinda bushy.” Fact is, a Russian barber years ago used to tell me my prodigious brows made me look like Brezhnev. I think this was Slavic hyperbole, but I’ve kept the observation as a note of pride.

The Sanchez Barber Shop has been around since 1911 and is believed to be the state’s oldest family-run business of its kind. There’s been fanfare and even a letter from the Capitol on the wall, along with an armadillo-shell ukulele–this place has got it covered–yet I learned that HEB has bought the lot they’re in (they’ve leased for 5 years) and they’ll be moving in December. There’s talk of moving the actual building.

Frankly, this would be an ideal building to move closer to downtown, to get it some foot traffic and cross-fertilize by directing the other bushy brow’ed patrons who also might want to buy books at Wolfmueller’s, eat lunch at Cartewheels or Francisco’s, drink coffee at Pax, or buy some art at Slate Gray Gallery.


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